Aerial view of Houston area with view of greenbelt, highway, and downtown

How Manvel, TX has Become a Hotspot for Job Opportunities

Manvel, Texas, is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places to live and work in the state of Texas, and with its proximity to Houston, the presence of top regional employers across a diverse range of industries, and a strategic plan for future economic development, the city is poised to become a growth market and a hotspot for local jobs for years to come.

A City on the Rise

A far cry from its humble roots as a small Texas settlement, Manvel has seen rapid growth and development in recent years, with its population more than doubling in only the past decade. And Manvel isn’t alone — nearby Pearland experienced a similar boom, leading to the growth of its employment base and the expansion of critical service sectors such as education and healthcare, while Houston consistently remains one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the nation year after year.

Within the next 20 to 25 years, Manvel’s population is expected to reach as high as 150,000 residents, and while there are always challenges associated with such dynamic growth, the city’s leadership is ready to meet it head-on. As Manvel Mayor Debra Davison puts it, “There is no projected time for any kind of slowdown.”

Aerial view of Houston area with view of greenbelt, highway, and downtown

Planning for Growth

To help prepare for Manvel’s future growth and sustainability, the city has adopted a comprehensive master plan that focuses on strategically positioning Manvel with the desired mix of residential and retail concerns.

The crown jewel of this development plan is the Manvel Town Center, a 273-acre retail destination which first broke ground in 2021. The Town Center will feature dozens of retail stores, restaurants, and freestanding shops, along with several major anchor stores including HEB, rated the nation’s top grocery retailer in a survey conducted this year.

At the same time, the city is also moving forward on the Manvel Municipal and Athletic Center, a proposed development that would bring a state-of-the-art sports complex, amphitheater, open-air performance hall, and dedicated community spaces to the city.

Manvel has also turned its focus to the expansion of critical infrastructure to accommodate a larger population — while the new Brazoria County Expressway has done much to alleviate traffic, construction is already underway to widen bridges, build additional overpasses, and extend toll lanes south of Highway 6.

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Exciting Job Opportunities

It’s no surprise that Manvel’s population growth and economic development is also making it a more attractive city for businesses, with several top employers across multiple sectors contributing to this trend.

Medical services, manufacturing, education, and natural resources account for the largest industries in the area, and these fields are only projected to grow as the city expands. Whether it’s the Texas Medical Center, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Alvin Independent School District, or the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center where NASA conducts training and research for space flights, the combination of Manvel’s booming growth, its strategic location, and the business incentives offered by the state of Texas continues to draw some of the largest employers in the nation.

It doesn’t hurt that the region is home several renowned colleges and universities, including Rice University, the Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Southern University, and the University of Houston, which further contribute to job growth by attracting talented individuals and creating a more highly skilled local workforce.

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A Taste of the Sweet LifeSM 

With a diverse range of industries and top employers flocking to the area, Manvel is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant hot spots for job opportunities in Texas. But why just work in Manvel when you can be a part of its growth?

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